Dynamic stability and systemic change: S vs. 3

Jim Levin
Education Studies, University of California, San Diego

The applet below shows how interactive mediation among spatial landmarks can create a dynamically stable representation of a shape ("S" or "3") that changes to another shape ("3" or "S") given systemic change (in this case, change in the length of the "invisible line" connecting the midpoints of the two component curved lines).

Click the "Go" button to see the mediation organize the spatial landmarks into a shape, either an "S" or a "3" . Slide the "Length" slider to see the length of "invisible-line3" change. If that component line of an "S" gets short enough, the overall shape will reorganize into a "3". If that component line for a "3" gets long enough, the overall shape will reorganize into an "S".

Related landmark and mediation applets are at: http://mmm.ucsd.edu/
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